John McNeal | Owner & Creative Consultant

As a creativity consultant, I enjoy assembling teams to solve the marketing challenges but, just between the two of us, my business is a guise. My true passion is investing in people. I thrive helping them tackle the challenges they face, whether in business or life. The greatest gift I bring to the table is the gift of encouragement. By assembling a teams of creatives for my clients, encouraging them to find creative solutions yields the best results for everyone involved. We also have a lot of fun in the process.

As a kid I saw artistic creativity modeled daily from my gifted mother. This lead me on my own creative endeavors which usually involved pulling paper towel rolls and tissue boxes out of waste baskets to form random concoctions, much to my mother’s dismay. When I wasn’t making my own toys I played with Transformers (Robots in Disguise), Legos and Lincoln Logs.

After graduating from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, I worked for many years as a 3d animator, creating architectural virtual tours for my clients. In the process, saw the value and impact our creative solutions made for our clients projects. This led me to invest further in my storytelling by enrolling in Animation Mentor, an intense online school founded by animators at Pixar. For 3 years, I was a Community Life Pastor at my church, where I invested in 200+ leaders throughout the city, trained upcoming leaders, and helped start new Bible studies throughout the city.

It’s taken many years to uncover and embrace my unique skill set, which can only be described as “strategic visionary creative conversationalist shenanigan aficionado.” When I work with individuals in businesses, I bring all my experiences, talents and creativity. I use them all to invest, encourage, and leave people better than that last time we met.

I speak two languages fluently, English and movie quotes. I love my wife and three children, am a jazz pianist, stay active in my church, and have a hard time refusing Skittles, pistachios, and fresh ground black pepper.