When AquaSmart Pro came to us to help to develop a lawn product animation, we were excited. AquaSmart Pro is a great product, but showing potential customers how their technology works underground to better grow your lawn was the challenge we were most excited to demonstrate. This is a great example of how someone had a marketing challenge that was tackled by 2reveal using 3D animation. In this 3D animation, we were able to create an easy-to-understand, animated visual walkthrough of the product’s features — all the benefits of the product in action without anyone having to get their hands (literally) dirty.

About AquaSmart Pro: AquaSmart™ PRO is a super-absorbent polymer-coated sand product that is available in the form of a straight additive for increased moisture retention and growth of plants, flowers, trees, and grass/turf with water savings estimated at up to 60%, in some cases based on soil and climate conditions. It is also available for blending by nurseries, landscapers, and large soil blending companies for their own use or supply to customers who prefer blending the coated sand product with mulch, top soil, or peat moss.

Check out the AquaSmart Pro website here (and see how they have used their animation for promotional purposes.)

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