LVI, a division of LION, was faced with a communications challenge. How could they present the scope of their logistics services to the United States Military. We created this customer story video animating LVI’s work with the NECC (Naval Expeditionary Combat Command) to help clearly communicate their innovative and efficient approach to meeting their clients’ needs.

The NECC program used Lean manufacturing to streamline the management, mass customization, issue, recovery and repair of NECC Combat Equipment while leveraging new systems that enhanced customer access and overall effectiveness and traceability.”

About Lion-Vallen Industries (LVI), an operating unit of LION: Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, LVI has a proven history managing integrated logistics and supply chain services programs, and has been recognized and awarded for its performance by both Government and commercial clients for high fill rates, rapid delivery/response, product quality and innovation, systems capability, surge performance, and cost savings initiatives.

The benefits of 3D marketing animations are multi-fold. When you have an in-depth process that is challenging to explain in words alone and clear communication delivered consistently to countless individuals, animated explainer videos and other forms of 3D marketing animation can deliver a lot of easily-understood information in a short amount of time, is easy to share on mobile platforms, and helps reflect brands known for utilizing the forefront of technology.

Learn more about Lion-Vallen Industries at their website here.

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