FSC PathOne™ Real-Time

Detection Platform

Turning complex technology into a valuable business proposition

The Situation

The engineers at FSC PathOne developed a complex, groundbreaking, potentially life-saving technology and built it into an easy-to-use handheld device. The technological advancement of being able to detect a pathogen like salmonella in minutes versus days is so profound and disruptive that the client needed support demonstrating it to investors in a concise, convincing way.

The Request

FSC PathOne needed communication tools to help them introduce this new technology to potential investors who didn’t have a tech or science background. This included one video that built a case for why PathOne was important, another video that explained how it worked, a website to provide more information and capture leads, and a sales presentation deck.

The Challenge

Much of the brilliance of the PathOne detection platform is how it transforms a complicated, lengthy process that, until now has needed to be handled by certified technicians in a remote laboratory, into a simple procedure, executed in minutes by any staff member, at the site of the exposure. Our job was to do the same thing with the technology. We needed to create tools that would quickly explain what PathOne is and why it’s important—without the help of an engineer and not using technical jargon—to a broad audience that spanned medical, food, and transportation industries.

The Solution

We met with molecular geneticists to understand the technology they developed and talked to engineers to hear how they used the technology to create the detection platform. Then we listened to company’s founder explain his vision for the PathOne’s potential. We then developed concepts for the videos, established a creative style that would be versatile with a global audience, wrote scripts, recorded the voice over, and built the animations. Once we established the overarching message through the videos, we used it to develop a website and slide deck.

Our goal was to translate the complex science into something anyone can quickly understand, and demonstrate to investors the magnitude of the breakthrough. With our visuals and message, we created a solution that would feel relevant to a global audience, and optimistically communicate the platform’s potential for preventing a disaster.

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