Our Team


John McNeal, Owner

For someone who’s as outgoing as John is, you might be surprised at what a great listener he is, too. He picks up not just what you say, but how you say it. Once you’ve shared your thoughts, demonstrated a new technology, or previewed an idea you haven’t even fully formulated, John turns it into a simple, visual, compelling story that others can understand and enjoy. For more than two decades, John has worked across industries to understand, identify, plan, tell, and transmit the stories that his clients or their products can’t quite tell themselves.


Karen Scholl, copywriter

As a writer and creative director, Karen has spent the last 20 years helping companies figure out what their message is and then communicate it to the people they are trying to reach. While she’s a hard-core introvert, Karen never runs out of questions, which she uses to help us dive deep into each project. Karen keeps us thinking and considering every approach until we land on the best one for our clients. 


allison maier, producer

Clients love Allison. Creatives love Allison. Everyone loves Allison because she just gets it, and she gets it done, too. Back in art school, Allison was the organized one, the one who was all about tasks and structure. She realized she wasn’t just good at it, but passionate about it. The fact that she could see a project from both a client and a creative perspective is a gift. Thank goodness she brought her gift here. 


Matt Isales, business development

Matt sees the good in everything—especially things like systems and processes. Whether he is evaluating a structure within our business or listening to clients talk through theirs, Matt’s optimism and positivity help drive the conversation—and our progress—forward. Through thoughtful systematizing and careful documentation, Matt helps us achieve measurable and reproducible results.