Creativity Encouraged

Creativity & Innovation Made Accessible to All


Where do you find creative inspiration?

  • Do you look to your closest competitor?

  • Search the internet?

  • Rework an idea from years ago?

What if you placed a bet on yourself, on your own creative ideas?

What if you developed a creative process which let you and your team find inspiration, innovation, and creativity whenever and wherever?

In a time where your competition has similar technical skills, know-how, and technology, creativity is your competitive edge. Companies both live and die by their creativity. It is your greatest asset.

Speaking & Consulting

Over the past five years, I’ve had the privilege of leading creativity workshops for CEOs, Trusted Advisors, American Marketing Association chapters, university marketing associations, and startups.

My goal is to empower and encourage. Our time together, whether it be a day, weekly, or monthly meetings, will be interactive, conversational, and customized to your industry.

During our time together you will:

  • Address personal and corporate roadblocks to creativity (perfectionism, fear of failure, etc.)

  • Redefine creativity in a manner which makes it accessible to all

  • Examine real-world examples of creativity to uncover their success

  • Discuss the importance and role of creativity in business

  • Participate in creative activities to help you develop your own creative process

  • Regain creative confidence in yourself and your team