Creativity Workshop

Creativity & Innovation Made Accessible to All

Your competitors have similar technical skills, know-how, and technology. What differentiates you from the competition is your creativity; your ability to problem solve and innovate in a manner they cannot. Companies both live and die by their creativity. It is their greatest asset, yet many individuals struggle to generate creative solutions on the spot.

In this workshop, we’ll address this issue by first examining ourselves. We’ll then investigate real-world products and services hailed for their creativity to form a new definition of creativity, one which is accessible to everyone. Finally, attendees will participate in and learn three activities which will help them generate creative solutions around a current challenge they’re facing.

In this workshop we will:

  • Address personal roadblocks to creativity

  • Redefine creativity in a manner which makes it accessible to all

  • Examine real-world examples of creativity to uncover their success

  • Discuss the importance and role of creativity in business

  • Solve challenges attendees bring to the table

  • Learning three activities for generating creative ideas

  • Have fun

Value to members

By the end of the workshop, attendees will have made progress in solving a real business challenge and will have valuable resources to share with others to continue generating creative solutions both in work and in their personal life.