I asked my friend and copywriter, Karen Scholl, to put her observations of me in writing. Here’s what she wrote.

“For someone who’s as extroverted and outgoing as John is, you might be surprised at what a great listener he is, too. When you talk to John, you have his complete attention. He asks more questions—and better questions—than most people. In part, he’s just a curious person, and questions are his way of drawing people out.

Beyond curiosity though, John is always working to enhance understanding, his own and other people’s. He picks up not just what you say, but how you say it, so once you’ve shared your thoughts, shown him your complex machine, demonstrated a new technology, or previewed an idea that you haven’t even fully formulated, John turns it into a simple, visual, compelling story that others can understand and enjoy.

One of the things John loves about his clients is the expertise and passion they have for their own products and services. He finds it contagious and jumps in deep with them so he can understand everything at a foundational level. From there, John works as a catalyst, guide, and facilitator, leading clients toward a larger idea, to their own story, and then using his strategic and creative expertise to help them tell it.

While his high energy and enthusiasm are natural traits for a business owner and public speaker, John has a unique, fresh, authentic spark that makes him not just enjoyable to spend time with, but skilled at leading clients into what may feel like new territory, making them comfortable, and helping them achieve their goals.”