Creating a story for a strong but silent brand

We worked with Isotec to develop a concept and approach, write a script, establish a visual style, create the artwork, record the voice over, and build a 90-second animated video.

Our goal was to create an engaging video that made viewers feel good about the experiences they could create in their buildings, versus scaring or guilting them into action. The video highlights product features and benefits so potential customers understand how effective and user-friendly Isotec Safety Entrances™ are, while also communicating what is unique about Isotec—its philosophy and dedication to entrances, and encouraging viewers to ask their security integrator for Isotec.

We took a proactive approach that showcased the benefit of creating safe spaces, emphasizing the potential for human interactions and relationships inside them. The positive tone, cheerful color palette, friendly, simple illustrations, 3-dimensional product views, and engaging animations work together to tell a story about what you can achieve and how you can succeed when you ask for Isotec.